Top five compelling reasons to advertise on your own blog

Top five compelling reasons to advertise on your own blog

In the internet age, having a website has become a thing to consider. Your blog not only opens a plethora of opportunities to connect with audiences but also provides a platform for sharing insights and ideas about what you do. Nevertheless, many small businesses downplay the role of a website as an advertising powerhouse house. If you’re a small business operator, here are the top five compelling reasons to advertise on your own blog.

Advertise for free!

Unlike social media pages, a blog is your asset. Since you own the website, you can place as many ads as you wish for free. By contrast, advertising on social media can be very costly because you’ve to pay for ad placements. Advertising via your website provides you with cost-saving benefits.

Run your ads without fear

If you didn’t know, your favorite social media platforms can decide to block your ads and even shut down your ad account and you’ll not do anything about it. This happens many times.

Often, the ban is even done mistakenly. At times, social media companies have genuine reasons to block ads, but in some cases, the reasons are hard to get.

The good thing about owning a website is that you’ll never wake up one day to find the ads you placed are blocked. If you’re running AdSense on your website, ads can be blocked by Google. Under normal circumstances, this can’t happen with the ads you place because only you or your team have control over what to display on your site.

Control your ad placement

When you advertise on social media, the social media company has all the control over your ad placement. Some companies will allow you to decide on your ad placement. Even in that case, you must comply with their policies.

Unfortunately, social media and web pages not owned by you will most likely impose ad placement policies that don’t serve your interest or the interest of your business. So, you can easily lose your account (and even money) over policy violations.

Luckily, when you advertise on your website, none of that will happen to you.

Evade competition

One of the reasons your social media ads don’t work is competition. Research shows that millions of ads placed on social media and popular websites don’t win clicks. The reason is simple: a single ad has to compete against thousands of competing ads.

If your ads are on your website, your web visitors will most likely notice them.

Appear on search results

Oops! I ought to have had this one as the first point; it’s too important to appear last on the list of five compelling reasons to advertise on your blog.

What can be better than having your agribusiness and offerings appear on Google Search results?

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