Like It or Not, These 5 Disruptive Technologies Are Changing How You Live Right Now

Top 5 Disruptive Technologies Changing How You Live Right Now

The tech age is here with mind-blowing innovative ideas causing disruptions worldwide. Disruptive technologies are with us, transforming how we live. No secret. No more twisting of words.

Just look around. Name a task that technology can’t handle.

Machines can walk. Machines can talk. Machines can drive. Machines can analyze data. Machines can manage your inventory, wash your clothes, cook, diagnose diseases……machines can do anything.

But wait.

How do computers enable these amazing capabilities?

Well, here are the Top 5 highly disruptive technologies that could be powering the walking, talking, diagnostic, driving,……machines you see around.

 1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We cannot talk about disruptive technologies without mentioning AI, the technology powering machines that attempt to copy human intelligence.

AI enables machines to learn and think.

It’s the idea behind technologies, such as computer vision, natural language processing, and machine learning.

AI is applied in nearly all sectors.

Think about the AI-powered Tesla’s self-driving technology in the transport industry or IBM Watson widely used by medical professionals.

Oh, maybe that’s too far!

Let’s consider the computer, smartphone, or tablet in your hands right now. It’s probably using OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google Assistant, or Microsoft Copilot for Internet search.

2. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR):

AR combines the real world with digital information, supporting applications like interactive learning. On the other hand, VR immerses users in a fully artificial environment.

If you love virtual tours or gaming, you’ve likely used AR and VR.

Talk about Microsoft HoloLens, Oculus Rift for VR gaming, or Pokémon GO for AR gaming.

3. Big Data and Advanced Analytics

Think about your organization or business. How do you generate revenues?

By collecting and understanding data. Data is wealth!

But to collect, process, and analyze huge chunks of a variety of data, we need big data and analytics.

Finance specialists use big data to manage risks. Marketers need this technology for customer segmentation.

And here at TechbyDenish, we use Google Analytics for various purposes. Two quick examples.

(1) We wish to assess this post’s usefulness in readership and revenue generation. Google Analytics is the answer

(2) We want to understand our audience’s demographic. The answer is Google Analytics.

That’s not all. Our writers and editorial experts use predictive analytics to quickly and accurately anticipate topics that resonate with our readers.

4. Internet of Things (IoT)

Another highly disruptive technology shaping the tech industry is IoT. It enables smart operations and insights by creating a network of interconnected devices.

Computers, smartphones, tablets, … devices in an IoT can exchange data. And with IoT, industries can now plan predictive maintenance hustle-free.

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Mention IoT and techies will think of smart cities (like Singapore or Oslo) and applications like Google Home that power smart homes.

5. Quantum Computing

A complex world comes with advanced problems. That’s where we’re now. So what?

We’ve to rely on computer power.

But then, what if a problem is too complex? And what if the data is huge? What if classical computers can’t deliver the efficiency and speed you want when dealing with such data?

The answer is to go for advanced computing. And this is where quantum computing comes in handy.

This technology leverages quantum mechanics to solve complex problems.

Sycamore for quantum supremacy by Google and IBM Q for quantum research are both based on quantum computing.

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