Why Jumia is the leading online shop in Africa?

Why Jumia is the leading online shop in Africa

Jumia has solidified its position as the leading online shop in Africa. Jumia online shop is the continent’s largest e-commerce platform and has redefined the way Africans shop. The platform takes pride in offering an unparalleled selection of products, a seamless user experience, and reliable doorstep delivery services. But why Jumia is the leading online shop in Africa? Let’s find out.


When thinking about why Jumia is the leading online shop in Africa, trust is the first thing to that comes to mind. Jumia has built a reputation for being a trustable shopping platform. Like any other virtual shopping platform, it has its own limitations.

However, Jumia Group has done a fantastic job in trying to keep the promises it makes to customers.

Affordable pricing

If you’ve ever visited Jumia’s online shop, then you know what am talking about. By bringing together many different sellers, Jumia has successfully build a virtual marketplace that offers affordable prices to buyers.


We cannot discuss why Jumia is the leading online shop in Africa without mentioning its customer-focused approach. The platform beats the competition by prioritizing the needs of their customers. It’s customer care service is active and reachable 24/7 with representatives ready to address customers’ queries.

Another beautiful step Jumia has taken is attempting to weed out counterfeit products from their online marketplace. It does this through their anti-counterfeit policy. Vendors who violate the policy are locked out of the platform.  


Inconvenience is one major cause of failure for many online shops in Kenya and this is where Jumia beats its competitors. From an elegant and user-friendly web- and app design to reduced response time, Jumia offers convenience to its customers in unmeasurable ways.

Also, when you buy from Jumia’s online shop, you’re sure to receive your purchases at the comfort of your home and within the agreed delivery time. In case of any delays, their agents will communicate the same to you beforehand.

One thing is worth repeating; Jumia online shop is not just user-friendly, but also mobile friendly with fast loading times.

A variety of products

As I hinted earlier, Jumia partners with hundreds of sellers, vendors, and manufacturers that it brings on board its online marketplace. So, when you visit Jumia, you can enjoy the luxury to choose from a variety of product options.

Reliable return policy

Before buying anything online, you definitely need to evaluate the seller’s return policy. For Jumia, the return policy is reliable, clear, and actively enforced. This provides an opportunity for unhappy customers to return their purchases for an exchange or refund.

You can initiate a return of your purchases within 15 days of collection or delivery. However, to get a refund or product exchange, you must provide an eligible reason. Examples of valid reasons to initiate a return of purchases from Jumia include if the delivered goods are defective, damaged, wrong, or counterfeit.  

Buyers are encouraged to report their return intentions within the shortest time possible. A reliable return policy is a reason why Jumia is the leading online shop in Africa because it allows its customers to buy with confidence.

Wrap up

With operations in numerous countries, Jumia has successfully bridged the gap between online retail and the diverse needs of African consumers. Its commitment amidst criticism has made it the go-to destination for everything from electronics and fashion to home essentials and groceries.

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