5 Tips for making money with video games: Lessons from real-world millionaires examples

Tips for making money with video games

The video gaming industry has evolved into a colossal powerhouse, driving the imagination of millions and generating staggering revenues. With the power of the internet at hand, video gamer can easily turn their hobby into a flourishing business. Our blog post on “making money with video games” intends to be the golden ticket for lovers of video games who wish to transform their passion into the next big thing.

If you’re a passionate video gamer, here are five creative ways you can make money doing what you love

1. Establish a game development company

Starting a game development company can provide a lucrative means to make money with video games. Although founding a video gaming business can be expensive, this doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

Palmer Freeman Luckey’s story is extraordinarily inspirational. In 2012, Luckey, then a 20-year video gamer, founded his video gaming company, Oculus VR. In 2022, he sold the venture to Zuckerberg’s Facebook, Inc. at a hooping US$2 billion.

2. Create and sell video games

If you can create video games, opportunities are waiting for you online! The online video gaming industry is huge and growing. Recent estimates suggest the industry has approximately 4.09 billion active video gamers. Other data shows the market will hit 3.32 billion by 2024.

These statistics affirm the opportunities available for making money by creating and selling video games.

For your motivation, I refer you to the stories of millionaire teens, Alex Balfanz, Andrew Bereza, Anthony Tan, Elspeth Eastman, and Sumail Hassan. Some of these young video gamers become self-made millionaires by creating and selling video games online.

3. Start a video gaming center

A virtual or physical video gaming center is another tip for making money with video games.

Alternatively referred to as LAN Gaming Center, a video gaming center is a type of business that connects multiple computers over a local area network for purposes of gaming. It makes money by creating a video gaming location for gamers to play multiple games.

Online video gaming centers are currently popular across the U.S. A significant percentage of these ventures generate additional cash from virtual video game subscription services.

4. Provide online gaming tutorials

In this alternative means of making money with video games, your focus is to generate cash teaching your audiences about gaming. Your tutorial can cover anything from selecting the right game to avoiding gaming addiction to how to play games.

Our example on this point is the wonderful story of 34-year-old Mark Neace who makes US$66,000 monthly as a video game coach and streamer.

5. Play games on YouTube

YouTube is an amazing platform for making money with video games. YouTube has more than 40 million active gaming channels.

You can make money with YouTube gaming by focusing on creating high-quality, engaging content that captivates your target audience. Grow your subscriber base by consistently uploading fresh and unique videos, whether it’s gameplay walkthroughs, tips, or entertaining commentary.

MrBeast, PewDiePie, Markiplier, and Fernanfloo are just a few examples of content creators making billions with YouTube gaming.

Remember entertainment videos are among the most-watched type of content on YouTube. So, once you’ve established a substantial following, apply for the YouTube Partner Program to enable ad revenue on your channel.

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