Vivo Y12 Exposed: The Hidden Flaws of the Vivo Y12

Vivo Y12 Exposed: The Hidden Flaws of the Vivo Y12

Vivo Y21 is a smartphone product by Vivo, one of the world’s top smartphone brands. Appreciated by some users for its ability to run smoothly, Vivo Y21 has, however, been disliked by many smartphone users on various grounds. In this blog post, I will reveal some of the hidden flaws of the Vivo Y12 and why I believe this smartphone doesn’t deserve your money.

Poor camera quality

Poor camera quality is one of the top hidden flaws of the Vivo Y12 smartphone. Although the camera may work perfectly during the first few weeks of use, its performance quickly depreciates.

Several reviews illustrate that Vivo Y12 offers poor night shots and long exposure photography.


In Vivo Y21, overheating has proved to be a significant concern for users. Excessive heating is potentially produced by various components. The first culprit is its 5000mAh Li-Po battery. The battery is designed to last longer, but may be generating heat during the process of transferring power in and out.

Additionally, Vivo Y21’s Helio P35 processor may be producing heat during regular operation and even more heat when subjected to intense usage. Overheating is a problem is not unique to Vivo Y12, but is a common issue with many smartphones.

Lastly, Vivo Y21’s 6.51″ screen with 720×1600 pixels resolution could be another contributor to Vivo Y12 overheating issue, particularly when used at high brightness levels.

Hanging and sluggishness

Slow operation and hanging problems are other hidden flaws that Vivo Y12 won’t let you know. This issue is reported by nearly every user of Vivo Y12 as a major contributor to the performance of this smartphone.

Slow charging and battery drain

Another hidden flaw of the Vivo Y12 is slow charging. Since this smartphone is known for overheats, it is no surprise that users complain of rapid battery drainage.

Poor memory management

User experiences indicate that the Vivo Y21 may have poor memory management, leading to frustration.


Most consumers feel the phone is overpriced given the limited features it offers.


Vivo Y12 has its own strengths, but camera performance, hanging, heating, and slow charging lead to its overall poor phone performance. Therefore, it is difficult to recommend the Vivo Y21.

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