Kenya’s Pioneer Smartphone Manufacturer, EADAK, is here: Why you should rejoice

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Kenya's Pioneer Smartphone Manufacturer, EADAK,

About three years ago, Safaricom PLC announced it would establish a smartphone manufacturing plant. For many, the announcement was one of an overambitious goal that was impossible to actualize. But the telecom operator’s determination to the vision was unstoppable. On October 30, 2023, Kenya’s pioneer smartphone manufacturer EADAK was born. Thanks to Safaricom’s tech focus.

As I’m writing this article, EADAK (short for East Africa Device Assembly Kenya) is running. The plant is located in Athi River, Machakos County.

But what good does EADAK bring to us as Kenyans?

I think the establishment of this firm is a big milestone not just for Safaricom, but for all Kenyans. If you’re a smartphone user like myself, there is more to celebrate in this notable achievement.

First, beyond contributing toward employing young people directly, Kenya’s pioneer smartphone manufacturer, EADAK, will pull down the cost of smartphones in the local market. For decades, Chinese tech brands have enjoyed near-zero competition countrywide.

A huge percentage of their smartphone exports to Kenya are nothing, but counterfeit products. This is a fact every Kenyan out there knows. However, because of the unavailability of cheaper alternatives, most locals have, for a long time, had no option.

Will EADAK meet the local demand? Obviously no. However, with EADAK’s pocket-friendly smartphones entering the scene, I see a hard future for fake imported mobile phones.

One good news is that EADAK will produce an estimated 3 million smartphones per year. That’s almost 3 times as many smartphones as the quantity that Safaricom PLC has been importing annually since 2010.

I think going with this estimate, EADAK will make smartphones more accessible and affordable to millions of Kenyans. The new establishment is promising to sell locally manufactured top-notch smartphones below KE 10,000.

Also, joblessness is a big issue for our country. Some statistics suggest that 4.5 young Kenyan men and women are jobless.

Luckily, EADAK is here to create employment opportunities. Sources reveal the new entrant has already employed 300 Kenyans. So, why not celebrate Safaricom and Jamii Telecom for “thinking solution”?

Moreover, EADAK’s position to drive technology transfer and skill development is also something to rejoice in. The tech firm will offer hundreds or even thousands of Kenyans a chance to grow their competitiveness by working in a gadget manufacturing and technology environment.

There is also the sense of pride that EADAK brings to Kenya. The brand’s establishment puts us ahead as an innovative nation.

Here, I’m talking about being “proudly Kenyan!” EADAK showcases our national potential and capability to compete in the global market.  

Finally, EADAK reduces our overdependence on developed nations like China. Overdependency is a problem that has only earned us shame as Kenyans and Africans.

We’re a continent of uncountable untapped opportunities and great potential. EADAK’s launch demonstrates our ability to manufacture electronic products of our own instead of importing them.

Overall, Kenya’s pioneer smartphone manufacturer EADAK is here with us. The stakes are high and the stage is set. My question is, what does this pioneering venture mean for you?

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