10 Easy Online Side-Hustles For Teachers To Earn Extra Income

Easy Online Side-Hustles For Teachers To Earn Extra Income

The internet age is with us. And it’s a time for teachers to boost their income with online side-hustles.

From virtual tutoring to selling courses and blogging, the list of options is endless.

If you’re a teacher and reading this, these 10 easy online side-hustles will unlock your financial potential beyond the classroom.

1. Become a virtual tutor

Virtual tutoring is a fantastic way for any teacher to earn some extra income. Here, you don’t need a physical classroom.

You make money by tutoring through virtual platforms instead of in-person.

Many online tutoring platforms are available. Examples are Tutor.com, TutorMe, iTalki, Skooli, Varsity Tutors, Wyzant, Preply, and Brainfuse.

Some are paid, others are 100% free.

You can also tutor through your personal blog. You just need a platform that allows you to interact with your clients.

I can’t imagine how many students out there need help with science, math, or languages. Prove your proficiency in equipping learners with emerging and highly on-demand skills like software, content creation, and AI.

Parents will be willing to pay for your service. 

2. Sell online courses

Creating an online course is a perfect way for a teacher to make some extra cash. Once you create a course, you can sell it via online course platforms.

Go to Coursera, Podia, Skillshare, Simplero, and Udemy and see how teachers sell.

The course can be in different formats. Interactive assignments, Quizzes, video lectures,….. name them.

You can sell the same course to an infinite number of learners.

3. Go blogging


That’s exactly what I’m doing right here. You own a website where you share your insights and experiences. You can write about anything.

You can blog about educational news. You can blog about classroom management. You can blog about teaching technology.

You can blog about careers, lesson planning, teaching methods, parenting, instructions,……anything education.

A successful blog can be a platform where you connect with other educators.

Create value through your content and make your website a go-to resource for people within your profession.

Again, if you put in the work, you can turn parents and students who visit your website into buying customers.

And you can also monetize your blog –that is, make it a profitable venture. Experiment with different monetization tips to find what works best.

  • Sell educational resources like stationaries.
  • Buy or create and sell e-books to your web visitors
  • Sell a service like copywriting.
  • Boost your earnings with affiliate marketing
  • Publish sponsored posts for brands
  • Create digital products like lesson plans and sell them
  • Provide paid learner- or parent-oriented consultation services

4. Start a self-publishing venture

As a teacher, your profession puts you in the ideal place to self-publish. Why?


Most of your work revolves around reading, writing/publishing.

Many parents are willing to invest in fictional or other kinds of books to boost their kids’ literacy. Write books that suit their needs and they’ll buy them.

Look around you. Notice how of your colleagues struggle with preparing instructional materials, guides, lesson plans, and reports.

Leverage your creativity to earn some money publishing on-demand educational resources.

Do as many e-books and study guides as your resources and skills allow you

And then……

Choose a suitable and popular platform to sell your work.

Websites like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, Kobo Writing Life/KWL, and Apple Books for Authors are at your disposal.

5. Provide homework help services

Some parents are too busy to find time to handle homework with their kids. Because of this, many school-goers struggle with assignments due to lack of support at home.

That’s an opportunity for a teacher to make a kill just hustling online.

Offer homework help services to children.

Thanks to open-source technologies like Google Classroom. Remote teaching is now possible at zero investment.

All you need to do is…..

to find your target clients, in this case, school-going learners who need assistance with their homework.


choose a suitable virtual platform for your remote interaction with the learners. An ideal system, say Google Meet or Google Classroom, allows both video conference and live messaging.

If you truly deliver value, you’ll win referrals and grow your clientele over time.

6. Create educational videos

Real YouTube and TikTok millionaires are all over. Why? It’s simple….video content pays.

But there is a more attractive element of educational videos. They’re among the Top 10 most-watched YouTube videos of all time.

There’s more to creating an educational video channel. As a teacher, this is an engaging and fun way to share your knowledge with global audiences.

Beyond teaching your viewers, educational videos attract more money to your account by,,,

-extending your professional reach

-exposing your skills and abilities

-showcasing you as a passionate educator

-building a community from which you can get paying clients

-interacting with viewers via live streams and comments

Other ways to make money with educational videos are obvious: sponsorships, ads, and memberships.

7. Offer age-specific life coach

Take a moment and scan your environment. Look into society and the community around you.

Narrow your focus down to children, adolescents, and young adults.

You may have noticed many of them are struggling with various life issues. Whether it’s academics or behavior issues, hundreds, if not thousands, of adolescents around you need help.

And there is a big gap when it comes to age-specific life coaching.

With the right skills and an internet connection, age-specific life coaching can be an easy online side-hustle for teachers to earn extra income.

See…just choose an age group on which to tailor your coaching. Help them develop skills and tools to succeed academically and socially. 

Parents will pay you to assist their kids in setting priorities, coping with stress, managing time, and even improving social wellbeing.

Similarly, you can charge a fee for helping children develop a healthy mindset.

8. Freelance writing

We can’t talk about online side-hustles without mentioning freelance. It’s an easy alternative way for any teacher to earn extra cash online.

Let me break it.

In a freelance business, you earn extra cash writing articles. For teachers, the articles can be for educational purposes. Target clients are blog and website owners.

But wait. Two more freelance writing options follow below.

Write homework and other academic tasks for students at a fee. Or craft resumes and cover letters for job-seekers.

9. Do some graphic design

This is for creative teachers who are passionate about design. Make money online by creating infographics, presentations, posters, and logos for educational websites and institutions.

Teachers who need digital content for classroom may equally hire you to create learning aids.

10. Become a social media manager

Are you a social media teacher?

If so, let your skills reward you through paid social media management services.

Create content and engage with online audiences for schools, universities, and colleagues’ social media pages.   

Let’s summarize it this way,

Incorporating online side-hustles into your teaching career can be transformative. Beyond extra income, these ventures cultivate new skills, expand professional networks, and foster creative expression.

Embrace the digital landscape to diversify your impact and income. Trust me. Your journey toward financial independence and professional fulfillment could start with one or more of these 10 tips.

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