Quitting My High Paying 8-5 Job For a Personal Business

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Denish Aloo -techbydenis.com

In the bustle and hustle of life, there comes a time when you are thinking of quitting self-employment for a ‘traditional’ career path -of 8-5 job.

For me, the thought of getting myself into the 8-5 grind instead of running my own business was so tempting. In 2023, I quit my freelance work to pursue an engineering profession.

It’s only a year since I got into the “office” and I’m considering reverting to my former personal business.

Here is my experience…..

Before stepping into the world of corporate employment, I reveled in the flexibility and autonomy of freelancing.

As a writer, I jotted academic papers and crafted blog posts for website owners. These were times to work on my terms while earning and enjoying my creative freedom.

However, like the average young graduate out there, I wanted to pursue and excel in my career. Each day, the promise of professional growth and the allure of a steady paycheck were luring me into the life of a structured 8-5 grind.

“After all, there was no point in studying electrical engineering for 6 years and not practicing it,” I told myself often.

So, believing that a stable job would bring that fulfillment and security I thought I was missing from self-employment, I had great feelings when I got my first 8-5 job.

Anyway, who doesn’t enjoy the after-job evening leisure, the weekends, and the holidays?

I hoped these would be great times to just chill at home with my family or even go out for a drink or dinner with friends. The excitement of having consistent income was all over me.

In just a few months, the thrill all turned sour. Not only has the transition been far from smooth, but my experience as an employee in a private firm has left me disheartened and disillusioned.

The 8-to-5 grind has become my daily struggle against monotony and stress. My body has had to get used to the cycle of eating and waking up at certain times.

And unlike before, no more freedom of choosing when to wake up or what to do. The employer’s guidelines are on the wall for my compliance.

Eventually, I have found myself caught in the relentless pursuit of fulfilling someone else’s vision. The once-promised stability feels suffocating.

That’s the life of the working class in the private sector.

Your day-to-day work is not about fulfilling your passions. It’s about realizing your employer’s dream.

In the company, they call it “achieving the corporate vision.” So, many don’t notice it’s someone else’s life goals they’re toiling to fulfill. Meagre pay. But you keep waking up for the work.


And in my case, the salary is average. Regardless, I feel the 5-8 job is enslaving.

Because no matter how fat the paycheck is, it can’t compare to the joy of doing and earning from my own work.

Ever noticed no amount of salary could compensate for your lost autonomy? Yeah.

It’s like this. Deadlines looming overhead. Constant pressures to meet targets. Add office politics to the burden. Each day feels like a battle against the clock.

In retrospect, I realize how hard reality can hit. The freedom to pursue one’s passions and own course without constraints is a luxury that is hard to replicate in the traditional regular 8-5 job routine.

Amidst the discontentment, reverting to my freelance business is a non-negotiable option even though my 8–5 grind is averagely-rewarding. It’s a hard decision, but easy-to-make decisions never pay off.

And now guys, I’m here freelancing on my blog!

Denish Aloo

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