10 Hidden Obstacles Hindering Your Career Growth

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10 Hidden Obstacles Hindering Your Career Growth

Look around the workplace. Study the trends in career growth.

Did you notice that group of colleagues who advance in their careers?

I mean, people who’ve remained just “staff,” doing the same type of work, and maybe, earning the same salary, year to year.

Think about it.

Some venture into entrepreneurship, grow, and own big businesses. Others climb the corporate ladder, grow, and become influential, respected decision-makers.

But the “stagnated” staff? They’re always there.

Stagnation at the workplace is a bad disease you don’t want anywhere close to you. Growth is something we all need.

Unfortunately, some employees never grow career-wise. Why?

Look at anyone who has been in the “staff” status for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, ….., years. There is a 99.99% chance this person suffers from one or a combination of the below obstacles to career growth.

1. Comfort zone

Staying in the comfort zone is a major obstacle to career growth. Once in the comfort zone, the motivation to break the tradition dies.

2. Contentment

Total fulfillment in current roles and satisfaction with existing rewards.

3. Risk aversion

Fear of the unknown, especially, the belief that a change may cause failure.

4. No Mentorship

The valuable guidance of a mentor needed for career growth is missing.

5. Weak Networks

Failing to build social capital. Comfortability with a weak network deficient of strong professionals.

6. Perceived inequity

The belief that promotions are not based on merit. At the same time, doing nothing to build the necessary connections to win higher positions.

7. Lack of competitiveness

Educational, experience, and skills gaps are associated with career stagnation. Without pursuing learning beyond the basic, stagnated employees miss out the advanced degrees or certifications.

At the same time, failing to upskill and a lack of exposure to a variety of experiences needed to be professionally marketable lead to low competitiveness.

8. Goal misalignment

Misplaced career and reward aspirations

9. Accepting Defeat

Difficulties with navigating internal organizational politics.

10. Career procrastination

Preference for stability later in their career.


If you find yourself stagnated, do your self-assessment. Realize the need for change. And take a step to change.

Always, know that at the workplace, you write your destiny.

Discover how to succeed in your first job.

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