15 Safaricom Engineering and Telecom Partner Companies for Your Next Internship

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Safaricom Engineering and Telecom Partner Companies for Your Next Internship

Safaricom stands as a beacon of opportunities and innovation. With a tech-focused vision and multiple businesses cutting across numerous sectors, the telco giant is a dream employer for many. Here are 15 Safaricom engineering and telecom partner companies for your next internship.

By the way, partners are your best gateways into the Safaricom workplace. Why?

Because Safaricom often poaches employees from its partners. These are smart people with proven skills and talents and require minimal training.

Egypro Group

Egypro group is one of the top Safaricom engineering and telecom partner companies to consider for an internship.  Founded in 1994, the group is a child company of Wadi Degla Holding.

Egypro specializes in telecommunication, facility management, construction, data center solutions, and electromechanical engineering.

Your transformative journey into the evolving world of telecommunications and engineering could begin from Egypro. So why not drop your internship application at their offices located on the 1st floor Wing B, Piedmont Plaza, Ngong Road, Nairobi?

Adrian Kenya

Adrian is an emerging engineering company with hiring entities in Ethiopia and Kenya. The firm offers infrastructure and technology solutions.

Adrian Kenya is one of the providers of power solutions as well as telecommunications and ICT services that support Safaricom’s operations. It is a good destination for those who want to grow their career in these professional fields.


Broadcom is a global engineering firm known for its design, manufacture, and supply of infrastructure and semiconductor products. The company has a reputation for high-quality services.

Broadcom secured the contract with Safaricom due to our long-standing partnership and reputation for delivering high-quality service.”

Whether you’re a professional in industrial markets, networking, broadband, or datacenter, broad is a great place to grow your career through an internship.

Read Anitha Kona’s juicy internship experience at Broadcom.

Outsource Technique

Outsource Technique Limited is an electrical contracting and supplies located in the Westland area, Nairobi. A small company with a workforce of around 30 people, Outsource is experienced in managing datacenter operations.

For over 15 years, Outsource has been the main contractor for Safaricom’s Nairobi West datacenters. The team handles all data center power and cooling works.

Do you’ve a certificate or diploma in air conditioning systems or electrical engineering (power option)? Try Outsource for your internship.

Power Group Technologies

Incorporated in 2007, Power Group is one of the 15 Safaricom engineering and telecom partner companies for your next internship.

If you want to begin your career in power systems and energy, civil works, telecommunications solutions, or HVAC, try Power Group. Their offices are located at Viken Thirty Industrial Park, Off Eastern bypass, Office road, Nairobi.

Ask Catherine Moraa what an internship is like at Power Group Technologies.


Electricom Solutions Limited is a provider of affordable industrial automation services, power, and ICT solutions. Their offices are located at KCB building, 2nd floor, Enterprise road, Industrial Area, Nairobi.

The company’s power solutions are broad with numerous learning opportunities for interns. Your internship as a power systems engineer at Electricom means an opportunity to learn about UPS, Data center operations, rectifiers and inverters, solar lighting and water heating/pumping, and power backup batteries.

For an upcoming ICT professional, you may want to join Electricom to learn about access controls, CCTV solutions, IP-PaBX, Fiber optics, and even web optimization.

Additionally, industrial automation interns at Electricom have the chance to interact with human-machine-interface (HMI), AC drives, and VFDs among other systems.

Optimax Group

Another Safaricom engineering and telecom partner company for your next internship is Optimax Group Limited. With below a decade of active operation, the startup is a rapidly growing startup.

Currently, the company is one of the youngest Safaricom partners, ICT vendors, a potential place for internship, and an entry point into engineering careers.

Optimax Group claims to provide people with an opportunity to create value through lifelong learning.

Philafe Engineering Limited

Philafe Engineering Limited is a key contractor of Safaricom PLC. It is one of the few established providers of ICT and electrical/electronic engineering firms in Kenya.

The company has about 76 full-time employees who support its system design and implementation work. Engineering graduates interested in fabrication or system maintenance work may also benefit from an internship at Philafe Engineering.

That’s not all, this company also offers building and construction services, and therefore, an ideal training ground for construction interns.

Philafe also works closely with experienced engineering firms like Schneider Electrics. Thus, by working or doing your internship in this company, you can build your network.

Huawei Technologies

Huawei Technologies is a well-known global brand. The Chinese multinational company designs, manufactures, develops, and supplies consumer electronics and telecommunication equipment.

Huawei is a long-time partner of Safaricom PLC. That’s why you see Safaricom stocks and sells Huawei smartphones in its shops countrywide.

If you can secure an internship opportunity at Huawei, then there is a 99% chance that your job application at Safaricom PLC will be successful.

I know of many people whose prior internship at Huawei paved their way into Safaricom’s amazing workplace. Some of my former classmates who currently work for Safaricom followed this root.

Huawei has a program known as Seeds for the Future Program. I would call it a skill development plan. Seeds for the Future Program has empowered over 120 interns via training at the company’s Nairobi offices.

Some 47 lucky interns have traveled to China for further training.

Camusat Kenya Limited

Are you a sustainability-focused engineer? Are you interested in upscaling your de-carbonization skills?

If yes, then I guess you should do your next internship at Camusat. The company provides sustainable telecommunication installation services. Visit Camusat Kenya Limited career portal to browse available internship opportunities.

Below are five more Safaricom engineering and telecom partner companies for your next internship.

Soliton Telmec Limited

Extra Dimensions

Pavicon Kenya Limited

Spectrum Network International Ltd

Delta Energy System (K) Limited

That’s it! Are your transcripts, recommendation letters, or graduation documents ready? You can start filling the gap between theory and practice today.

Claim your internship opportunity with any of these engineering and telecommunication firms and grow your hands-on experience, boost your skills, and forge your pathway to a successful profession.

Good luck with your internship search!

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