Big Accomplishments Begin With An Idea

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Every big business out there,

They all started with an idea in the founder’s mind. The founder was, but a dreamer at first,

before committing resources to the idea.

But as nothing’s new on the face of this world, other dreamers existed,

Some died with the dream. Others expired before trying it.

But the founder,

of the company you work for,

of the company I work for.

had the courage to try out the idea.

They woke up one day,

And tried something hard!

They started at point zero.

But failed, And failed, And failed again.

But with too much hard work, and a little luck,

And with persistence, over time,

They created. They innovated. And finally won big.

And now,

You and I,

We both work for those who dared to try,

To try out something hard, without the assurance of succeeding.

And so,

While we continue to power their dream,

Our focus shouldn’t be salary alone,

But on continuous learning.

We must learn to try. To try something hard. To set out to achieve a vision.

Denish Aloo

I'm a tech enthusiast with a deep-rooted passion for digital technology and an interest in entrepreneurship. I see endless business opportunities in the modern digital revolution.

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