Why I Hate Working for an Indian Employer

Why I Hate Working for an Indian Employer

When you’re broke and looking for a job, you’re always tempted to take any offer available. I was in that condition and when an Indian employer offered me an opportunity, I grabbed it without a second thought. I ended up with bitter experiences and now I hate working for an Indian employer.

Here is why…….

Working under an Indian boss or employer is like navigating a maze of emotions and egos. Most of them have a mind polluted with racism. They’re so obsessed with a constant need to assert dominance over non-Indians that rationality often takes a back seat to personal pride.

And if you joined the workplace hoping to be recognized for your excellent performance, forget it. Recognition for hard work is something that doesn’t exist in the dictionary of an Indian boss. Even if you put in your best effort day in and day out, no appreciation or acknowledgment for you.

Penny-pinching is another thing I hate about Indian bosses. It’s great to be mindful of spending, but some Indian employers take it to the extreme. Forget about breakfast or lunch. Think about drinking water. They consider it a free cake that you don’t deserve.

Again, I should have known I would be thoroughly micromanaged. For someone who values autonomy and wants to use their skills creatively, micromanagement is a big demotivator. And if you’re like me on this aspect, sorry for you. Autonomy isn’t possible under an Indian employer.

You’ll always find yourself constantly being watched over. And because the micromanagement style doesn’t give you space to excel professionally, it’ll be hard to thrive working under an Indian boss.

But here is something else to think about. Credit for results. How would you feel when all your hard work is being credited to someone else?

That sucks, right?

Yep. Here in Kenya, it’s no surprise to young people who’ve been unlucky enough to work for a business owned by an Indian. Especially if your skin’s black.

Most Indian employers, managers, and bosses have a knack for taking the spotlight when it suits them. All benefits for exceptional performance disappear into the employer’s belly, leaving you wondering where your recognition went.

And by the way, why are Indian bosses so apathetic?

If your boss is Indian, you won’t need a degree in psychology to discover their lack of genuine interest in improving your welfare and the workplace.

Working for an Indian employer?

Don’t expect him to seek your input on making things better. Never! Especially matters without direct financial returns. Talk of safety. Talk of employees’ welfare.


Indian employers have this problem of viewing employees as inferior. I was always surprised by how less interested the boss was in leveraging talent. Theirs is a pathetic example of leadership that often makes you feel like you’re worthless and on your own.

Plus, most Indian employers avoid consultations with employees. Reason? They fear being confronted with the reality of what the workers feel.

And when faced with realities, an Indian employer would go into survival mode. They remain there waiting for an opportunity to take advantage of others for their benefit.

What if the pressure mounts?

Oh, yes. Be ready for your boss to vent their frustrations on you.

Indian bosses like bringing home drama to the office. The fight is with the partner at home. The full negative energy is in the workplace.

How bad!

I remember countless occasions when the work environment felt like an unpleasant and tense battlefield, or rather, a toxic jungle. All because the boss was melodramatic.

Let’s talk about compensation. Indian employers are known to compensate poorly. In most cases, you’ll notice they pay below the market average.

Why? Because they take loyal and hard-working employees for granted.

Some more things I learned. Indian bosses know how to command and control. They are completely clueless on how to respectfully debate and influence others.

Instead, they love bullying by use of aggressiveness or hard force to push people to conform.

Hey! I’m not saying all Indian bosses leave employees with sour experiences. I’m saying most of them.

At least 90% of those that I’ve worked for are more like aggressive direct marketers or debt collectors than leaders.

Say a breed of employers who want to play superior cards all the time while manhandling individuals who work under them.

You think it’s a lie? Nooo!

Nearly 40% of India Inc. employees rate their top management’s skills as poor,”

A survey finds.

We end it there……

My advice. If you see an Indian employer offering you a job, take it if it’s the last option on your table and plan to quit not long. Otherwise, run.

Dennis Owiti

Dennis Owiti is a tech commentator and writer interested in tech news, trends, and stories.

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