How to write blog posts with clarity

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How to write blog posts with clarity

The internet is full of content. Creators are everywhere creating content that competes with yours. How do you stand out from the crowd? Write with clarity.

Let’s get it from the millionaire digital marketer, Neil Patel.

“Clear content is everything,” writes Neil.

I can’t agree enough. Great content sells and great content is clear.

So, how do you write with clarity? Below are my key takeaways from Neil Patel.

Write what you know

Three key points to note

#1 -Subject: stick to the point

#3 -Outline: Note down key points to cover

#2 -Point: Be clear on what you are trying to say about the topic.


Thanks for reading this second point. You’re “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.”

I’m 99.999% sure you didn’t understand what I meant, right?

That’s what happens to readers when we, writers, articulate our thoughts in complex grammar.

The idea is this; write simply using ordinary words. Avoid jargon and long words.

Complicated vocabularies mean nothing to reader readers.

Keep it short

No reader likes long, boring paragraphs. No one wants to struggle with confusing sentences.

To write with clarity is to be precise and brief. Here are two key secrets to achieving clarity Neil Patel shared.

#1 -Maintain 1-3 sentence paragraphs. Why? Because most readers aren’t interested in reading your your paragraphs word-by-word. Your audiences only want to know what you’ve to tell them.

#2 -Avoid filler words. Adverbs like actually, really, and literary in your writing add little to nothing to your points.

Similarly, keep adjectives (such as simple, real, and really) rare in your sentences. Other filler words to avoid include maybe, just, in order, pretty, and perhaps.

These words make sentences unnecessarily long. Successful writers don’t use them.

So, why should you?

Use writing tools

Grammar checkers work great in helping Neil to write with clarity. An application like Grammarly works miracles for writers.

Stay predictable

People hate unpredictability. Your audiences want to know what to expect from your blog. Therefore, stay consistent and predictable.

Predictability allows your web visitors to envision the impacts of your content on them. If you’re predictable, your readers know what your content will speak to them.


No reader wants to read trash. If you write with more clarity than most people, your content will sell.

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