Three ways to make money from worldcoin

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Three ways to make money from worldcoin

Worldcoin is one of the latest developments in the cryptocurrency world. The technology is only a few months old but has gained noticeable attention worldwide. With an increasing number of people exploring different digital platforms for an opportunity to make some cash, you might be wondering whether it is possible to earn from worldcoin. Here, we take you through three main ways you can use to make money from worldcoin. Let’s begin by defining worldcoin.

What is worldcoin?

Worldcoin is a digital identification platform and a form of cryptocurrency invented by an American AI researcher and developer, OpenAI. The company launched the cryptocurrency form of worldcoin in 2013. Worldcoin cryptocurrency (WDC) aims to provide a convenient and fast means to accomplish everyday transactions.

The other category of worldcoin digital identify technology (WLD) is a technology that promises enhance user authentication online. According to Sam Altman, WLD aims to provide privacy-preserving digital identity while helping to distinguish human users from AI algorithms and bots on digital platforms.

How can you make money from worldcoins?

Having defined worldcoin, let’s now look at the three ways you can use to make money from worldcoin.

Method #1: Make money by creating your free worldcoin account to earn

In our definition above, we’ve seen that OpenAI designed WLD to be a digital authentication technology. Worldcoin accomplishes this by assigning each persona unit identity called World ID.

To get your World ID, the first step is to download the World App. This is just a mobile application that allows you to create a free worldcoin account.

With an active worldcoin account, you now need to visit any worldcoin operator (also called Orb location). The operator operates a hardware device named Orb, which will scan your iris and assign you a unique number called World ID. The scanning process takes about a minute to complete.

You earn a reward once the orb adds you to the worldcoin database. As of the time of writing this article, worldcoin lies somewhere around $0.02. However, this is expected to rise as worldcoin continues to grow and gain value.

Method #2: Make money introducing your community to the worldcoin

Another way to make money from worldcoin is through introducing people to the worldcoin. You can do this by becoming a worldcoin operator and earn money whenever a new user signs up to worldcoin from your orb scanner. Here, your earning depends on the number of people who sign up from the orb.

Method #3: Make money buying and selling worldcoins

Many crypto exchanges now list worldcoin (WLD) for trading.  Platforms such as Binance, Poloniex, BitGet, and XT.COM accept worldcoin, giving people an opportunity to make money from worldcoin through trading.

One way to trade on worldcoin is by buying worldcoin at a low price and selling it when prices hike. You can use your worldcoin earnings to do anything –withdraw from a bank, send to people, store in any currency, or even buy goods, or even buy other cryptocurrencies.

That’s all we know about making money from worldcoin for now. If there’s anything you feel we’ve left out, feel welcome to share with us your thoughts about this ambitious cryptocurrency project.

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