Use ChatGPT to overcome job stress in 10 exciting ways

Use ChatGPT to overcome job stress in 10 exciting ways

Chasing tight deadlines while striving to meet expectations is a norm for a project manager. As the team leader, your workdays are always busy days.

You get to work in the morning, rush to your desk to plan the day’s work, and prepare project reports. Before you start, your phone is ringing. It’s a call from your boss asking for risk assessment documents for tomorrow’s project.

That’s what my typical day looked like until I discovered ChatGPT.

So, what is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a simple-to-use powerful GPT-powered application for task automation.

Learn more about what ChatGPT is and why people love it.

With this chatbot, you can lower the workload by delegating part of your tasks to AI. I use ChatGPT to overcome work stress in 10 exciting ways.

1. Communication

As a project manager, I receive several emails needing my response. Responding to numerous inquiries from stakeholders both add to the workload and consume a lot of time.

At the end of the day, emails can cause work-related stress. Thanks to ChatGPT.

With this tool, I can create drafts of emails and messages stress-free within seconds.

2. Brainstorm ideas

ChatGPT is my leading creative companion for brainstorming ideas. When I feel stuck, I use the AI to explore new perspectives.

3. Summarizing reports

I stopped spending hours reading lengthy meeting notes the day I discovered ChatGPT. Why should I do that when the AI can do it on my behalf?

ChatGPT can quickly and effortlessly extract summaries from long reports.

4. Meeting preparation

Automating meeting preparation is another way I use ChatGPT to overcome work stress.

Once I’ve the meeting topic ready, my work is to give ChatGPT the relevant instructions.

The GPT would generate raw ideas of what to include in the agenda.

5. Performing online research

ChatGPT is programmed to generate content on various topics in a conversational format. It is a powerful application for automating online research. I use ChatGPT every day to research different topics.

6. Documentation

In creating and documenting reports, ChatGPT is my #1 online tool. The list of project management documents I do with ChatGPT is long.

From risk assessment to inspection to work process to work project schedule to team communication and planning to lessons learned reports, ChatGPT has the content.

7. Analyzing Data

Beyond creating content from scratch, ChatGPT can also analyze existing data and give results of your interest.

In my project management role, I regularly use this tool to analyze stakeholder feedback, progress data, and budget.

8. Time management

If you’re struggling with managing your time, ChatGPT is for you to stay organized and within timelines. I use it to create my daily schedules and prioritize tasks.

9. Decision support

It’s common for project managers to find themselves in situations where options are competing. In this case, you’ll learn that even choosing the best option from a list of alternatives be burdening.

That’s why I use ChatGPT to overcome job stress where alternatives are competing. The AI will analyze your various decisions and options and pick the best.

I can guide ChatGPT on the factors to consider in comparing alternatives.  

10. Risk assessment

ChatGPT can identify and assess potential risks in any project. For each type of risk, the AI helps me to determine the severity and control measures to put in place.


As you can see, anyone can leverage ChatGPT for various tasks. For project managers like me, the AI came at a time when I needed to enhance my efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

There are many ways employees and employers use AI. How do you use ChatGPT to overcome job stress?

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