Inside Tech Industry Today: TikTok Facing Potential Ban

Today's Top News Highlights in the Tech Industry TikTok Facing Potential Ban

The U.S. could Ban TikTok

The ByteDance’s most successful application, TikTok, faces a ban threat as the U.S. House of Representatives plans to determine its fate in the country on Tuesday or Wednesday.

President Joe Biden has promised to sign a crackdown on the app should Representatives approve the TikTok Divestment Bill.

TikTok is accused of supporting the sharing of bad content with prominent politicians like Mike Pence accusing the app of poisoning the minds of American children.

If passed, ByteDance will have 165 days to divest TikTok. If it fails, the app will be banned. Google will also remove the app from Google Play Store.

Other Top Stories Today

Microsoft to launch AI-powered features for Windows

Microsoft is set to announce new AI features to support Windows 11 and Surface laptops.

The additional features will be unveiled at the company’s New Era of Work digital event scheduled on March 21, 2024. Details.

Sam Altman rejoins OpenAI Board

In November last year, OpenAI board fired Sam Altman over several allegations including possible misconduct. But the action did not go well with OpenAI’s workforce.

According to sources, a section of the company’s employees protested the allegations, threatening to resign unless the board restored Altman. Microsoft, a key partner of OpenAI also criticized the board’s decision.

Lacking details for its November surprise decision, OpenAI’s board has finally issued a greenlight to Mr. Altman. The former CEO rejoined the board, welcoming the three other new board members along with him.

Apple risks losing its position

Apple could lose its position as the most valuable company globally. This comes as the semiconductor maker, Nvidia, is on the verge of overtaking Apple.

The latest AI transition brings remarkable breakthroughs for Nvidia whose semiconductor chips power tools like ChatGPT.

In just 9 months, Nvidia’s valuation has risen from $1 trillion to $2 trillion, overtaking Saudi Aramco, Google, and Amazon.

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