Will AI Make Or Break Your Career?

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Will AI make or break your career

AI is not a new thing. Experts attribute the origin of the technology to the computer scientist and English Mathematician, Alan Turing. He was the first to craft the concept of computer intelligence in his “Computer Machinery and Intelligence” publication.

However, while the research on AI has been ongoing for decades, the technology’s real value is just beginning to unfold. However, the growing adoption of AI is causing turmoil in the workplace.

On the one hand, are non-dynamic teams, that were unprepared for the ongoing digital revolution. Employees within these teams tremble with fear as job cuts target those whose skills are incompatible with the AI environment.

On the other side of the coin, we meet workers who, foreseeing the future, skilled-up. It is a bright moment for these employees as AI brings more opportunities to employees with skills relevant to the technology’s deployment. The AI integration also brings a fatter pay slip for people with AI skills.

What will AI do to your job and career? Will your company need your skills anymore? Will AI integration cause your pay cut or pay rise; job loss or career growth?

In short, will AI make or break your career?

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