5 Foolproof Tips to Get Your First Job

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5 Foolproof Tips to Get Your First Job in Kenya

Talking about how to get your first job? Here’s my story in one sentence.

It took me six years from my graduation day to land my first job.

Crazy it is, yeah?

You can imagine how many trials I made but failed.

I said, “failed”! ……. because you’ve to learn the game before you can win the game.

I won. And so, I will tell you what to do and what not to do.

Let’s start with what not to do.

Wasting too much of your time twisting words and phrases on resumes and cover letters.

Stop it because…………

“90% of your applications end at the dustbin,” says this recruiter.

Reasons are diverse, but let’s agree; there is more to do beyond just applying.

What to do?

#1. Gain Relevant Experiences

Experiences are the #1 assets you need to get your first job. Without the right experiences, you can’t perform the task. It’s that simple.

Put straight, it goes this way…..

Practical experiences beat academic qualifications x1000.

That’s why recruiters will throw your papers aside and ask you to show your experiences.

Yes. Experiences set you apart from other candidates. Recruiters know that.

But how do you get experiences relevant to your career after graduation?

My favorite approaches are easy to guess. Volunteering, internship, and part-time job.

Grab volunteer opportunities to show your commitment to your career.

Seek internships; you could land a full-time position from an unpaid internship.

Do not decline a part-time job. It can be the venue to demonstrate your abilities.

Whichever path you choose, focus on two things: growing your levels of practical experience and expanding your network.

#2: Pursue Your Passions

As you look for a job after you graduate, do something you love.

Yeah…….Sometimes, the rarest opportunities arise when we exercise our passion.

Now, back to my story.

I landed an unexpected first job offer from someone who had seen me doing what I love and noticed my potential.

One sure thing to note. Mine is not an isolated case. The same has happened to many people. And it can happen to you as well.

Engage in activities you cherish. Pursue your passions. And stay open to opportunities coming your way.

While pursuing your passion, you could end up in an ideal position for your destiny connectors to notice you.

Of course, some may not offer you the job. But they might lead you to places and people that perfectly propel you toward your career.

#3: Leverage Your Network

Your network is your net worth.

If I had built my social capital and worked on my network, it would not have taken me six years to land my first job.

But there is a second mistake I made from which you can learn. Narrowing my network to classmates, professors, and family members. It’s a costly sin you don’t want to commit.


Develop a wider network vision. Visit corporations, businesses, and institutions. Meet and talk to people who make things happen in areas of your interest.

In addition, attend networking gatherings, industry-related events, and job fairs.

Join relevant groups on social media and professional platforms like LinkedIn.

While there, meet new people. Make new friends. And expand your contacts.

Follow up and maintain relationships with your connections.

Make relationships beneficial to people in and outside your network. Strengthen the connection by offering help.

#4. Develop Your Online Presence

Think about these statistics.

The internet has over 5.35 billion people.

Between 12 and 24 million companies are online.

An overwhelming 84% of companies utilize social media platforms in recruitment.

Now, tell me what can be more crucial than having a strong online presence.

Absolutely nothing! And so, start from the internet.

Go to LinkedIn. Craft a compelling headline and summary about you, your skills, and your experiences.

Not only that….

Engage and participate in discussions with industry leaders. Read and comment on content related to your industry and career. Plus have a personal blog if possible.

Use the platforms to showcase your portfolio, projects, and work tailored to your target job.

#5. Showcase Your Soft Skills Supremacy

Teamwork, communication, adaptability, problem-solving….name them.

These are highly valued skills in the employment sector. You may possess all the relevant hard skills, but still miss a potential opportunity for a lack of soft skills.

Trust me. I won my first job not because I had the required technical skills and experience. No. My soft skills were top-notch.

This is how to demonstrate your wealth of soft skills.

Describe how you successfully communicated in a team project. Tell an example of how your creative idea resolved a challenging problem for your team.

Stick to honesty while demonstrating how you will contribute to your employer’s team if hired.

That is it.

Landing a first job is hard. Yeah. Extremely hard. Especially in a country like Kenya. Here, youth unemployment stands at 67% and rising. That means winning a first job is like performing a miracle.

If you’re from such an economy and looking for a job after graduating, unlock your luck with several of these five foolproof tips.

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