10 best ways to make money with AI: Real-world examples

10 best ways to make money with AI Real-world examples

AI has become a ground-breaking technology of the 21st century. With GPT-powered applications like ChatGPT and Nando AI Chat coming into the scene, AI emerges as a game-changer. We all see the technology’s incredible potential for societal impact in the way it’s rapidly transforming industries and reshaping our lives. While some are concerned that AI will take over human jobs, there are numerous opportunities hidden within AI’s lucrative potential. Here are 10 creative ways to make money with AI.

1. #Offer AI-powered consulting services

Do you know of businesses and organizations looking to integrate AI into their operations? That’s an opportunity for you to make money with AI. If you’ve got a good understanding of how AI and AI-powered systems work, start making money by leveraging your AI expertise to provide consulting services to individuals and organizations.

Example: The Chinese-American, Alexandr Wang, is now a globally known example. Wang dropped out of college and started Scale, AI. His company not only provides AI consultations including helping organizations to turn raw data into high-quality training data. Scale, AI is now helping the U.S. military to harness AI –a deal that has brought Wang to the list of the world’s youngest self-made billionaires. Full story here.

#2. Develop AI-powered software applications

Another best way to make money with AI is to create and market an AI-powered software or application to cater to a specific user or industry’s needs. AI can handle numerous kinds of tasks and has countless real-life applications.

For example, as a WordPress publisher, I need an AI application to help with generating titles for my blog posts. For this task, I use Frase.io –a software application that utilizes AI to generate SEO-friendly titles based on user topics and queries.

Paraphrase.io and QuillBot, are other examples of the category of AI-based tools bloggers like me regularly use. But Grammarly and ChatGPT are perhaps the most popular AI-powered tools out there. There is also ILoveIMG, which handles tasks like resizing images, removing image backgrounds, and many other tasks.

Developers of these applications are minting billions of dollars by simply letting AI do the work for people.  

#3. Provide AI-driven content creation services

AI-driven content creation is a new, yet lucrative way to make money with AI. The beautiful aspect of generating content with AI is that you don’t have to create the system yourself; there are plenty of AI tools available for content creation.

You can make money creating animated videos using premium AI video generators like InVideo.io, GenCraft, or DeepBrain.io. You can also use free AI video generation software, such as FlexClip.

If you don’t love making videos, why not use text generators like ChatGPT and Google Bard to write articles?

#4. Offer AI-data analysis services

If you’re an AI wizard, you can make money with AI by offering AI-driven data analytics services. Use high-level AI analytics tools like Polymer and Microsoft Power BI to help businesses get the best out of their data.

Organizations will pay you for helping them make data-informed decisions and uncover valuable insights.

For example, DataInsights Co. offers AI-powered data analysis tools that enable companies to extract meaningful patterns from vast datasets. Pasquale Grippo’s business makes billions by helping organizations refine their strategies, and gaining a competitive edge in their respective industries.

#5. Provide social media marketing

Using AI, analyze social media trends, target audience behavior, and create personalized marketing campaigns for businesses. Example: SocialGenius, an AI marketing agency, uses cutting-edge algorithms to optimize social media ads.

The company is paid for helping organizations to achieve increased brand visibility, engagement, and lead generation for their clients.

#6. Entertain with AI-VR experiences

Our sixth recommendation on how to make money with AI is about AI-VR combined. Combine AI and VR technologies to create immersive and interactive experiences for entertainment or training purposes.

Example: VRAdventure Studios creates AI-powered characters in virtual worlds, delivering dynamic, lifelike experiences. The business attracts users and generates revenue through subscriptions and one-time purchases.

#7. AI-driven personalized education

Create AI-powered educational platforms that adapt to individual learning styles. This can be a mobile application or a website that helps students achieve better academic outcomes.

Example: EduAI Learning utilizes AI algorithms to tailor learning paths for students, improving retention rates and academic performance.

#8. AI-driven supply chain optimization

You can also make money with AI by offering AI solutions that optimize supply chain logistics. Your business may focus on reducing costs and improving efficiency for businesses.

Example: SupplyChainAI deploys AI algorithms to analyze demand patterns and streamline inventory management, helping companies save resources and meet customer demands promptly.

#9. Compose music with AI

Use AI tools like Ditto Music to compose original music or curate personalized playlists based on users’ preferences.

Example: TuneGenius, a music streaming service, uses AI algorithms to create tailor-made playlists, enhancing user engagement and encouraging premium subscriptions.

#10. Create YouTube videos with AI

Creating videos for YouTube has become more accessible thanks to the power of AI tools. These tools enable virtually anyone to produce engaging content to promote or sell products and services. One such tool is ChatGPT, which assists in generating video ideas and scripts based on your preferences and topics.

With ChatGPT’s AI capabilities, you can effortlessly come up with creative concepts for your videos, saving valuable time in the process. Additionally, ChatGPT offers a text-to-speech feature, allowing you to create high-quality voiceovers for your videos. You don’t have to record your own voice.

For an even more streamlined process, you can leverage programs like Synthesia to generate videos automatically. Combining these AI technologies can allow you to create and upload content on YouTube and reach a wider audience.

Wala Ladka is one among thousands of content creators making a fortune on YouTube with AI-generated videos.

Wrap up

As you can see, AI presents numerous money-making opportunities for everyone. As you venture into these exciting opportunities, let your passion for AI innovation. With dedication, your financial success is just a step ahead.

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